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Hulbert Communications GmbH provides expertise to Telecom Operators and their suppliers, based on thirty years of experience of Mobile Communications in Switzerland, starting with the NMT system, through GSM, UMTS HSPA and LTE. And of course - we are looking forward to 5G!

What are our current areas of expertise?

From a technical point of view the areas we have been working on recently have been:

  • Public Safety LTE
  • GSM-R evolution for railways communications

Very important for these areas are the concepts of prioritisation and quality of service to handle congested systems in the best way possible.

We have also been involved with seamless handover between "special" networks and Commercial networks

What can we actually do for you?

  • Pre study and conceptual work for new systems building on the strengths of 3GPP networks, such as Public Safety and GSM-R evolution
  • Represent you at standardisation meetings involving these subjects - we are closely following the 3GPP standardisation, especially SA1, 2 & 6 as well as CT1
  • Specification, coordination as well testing and verification for implementation projects
  • Working in the tender process 

What new areas are we moving into?

We are very interested in the related areas of vehicle systems. 

5G evolution for the stated areas of interest

Formal details about the company

Hulbert Communications GmbH is a limited company, registered in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. You can check the details by searching for "Hulbert" at 

Contact us

Use the Contact Us link at the top of this page, or just call Paul on +41 79 3007112